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As a highly-successful entrepreneur, Douglas James has seen over-and-over how fellow business owners have amazing ideas which deserve to succeed. This knowledge inspired Douglas to empower budding entrepreneurs on how to acquire, close and retain amazing clients, so they can finally experience the lives of their dreams.

Douglas decided he wanted to help others to succeed during his time in the Navy. In 2015, he was deployed on a humanitarian mission that allowed him to assist some of the most impoverished communities in the world. It was then and there that Douglas knew he wanted to live his life with great purpose and do everything he can to raise others up.

After returning home, Douglas launched his career as an entrepreneur and immediately experienced the power of certain digital marketing and advertising techniques and how they can positively impact virtually any business.

Douglas also immersed himself in the world of Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads, learning all he could about this effective marketing platform to reach global audiences. He has used Facebook Ads to help numerous local businesses to succeed, and then expanded his scope to online coaching so he can help other business owners do the same. Known as “The High-Ticket Client Guy”, Douglas has already trained and coached over 5,000 entrepreneurs on how to turbo-charge their earning potential with his proven sales and marketing strategies.

Douglas James has been aired on Live TV and featured in major publications like FOX, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, NBC and ABC to name a few. He is a Inc. 5000 Entrepreneur, meaning that his company is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States today.Douglas will never forget his time working with the people of Papua, New Guinea and other countries, many of whom were lacking basic essentials like shoes. As a result, he focuses on being a for purpose business, giving back to non profits like Pencils of Promise who build schools for kids in Mexico and RIP Medical who eradicate Military and Veteran Medical Debt

Pencils of Promise is a for-purpose organization that works across the globe to build schools and create programs around the goal of education for all.

RIP Medical Debt empowers donors to forgive billions in oppressive medical debt. We are dedicated to removing the burden of medical debt for individuals and families and veterans across America.

Every $1 that we donate to RIP Medical, it eradicates $100 in Military and Veteran Medical Debt
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Jesse Aragon onboarded three clients after six months of the program, with one of the clients being on a revenue-sharing basis with a projected revenue of $43000 per month.
Chris' agency boasts a monthly revenue of $47,000 and shows no signs of slowing down.
Natalio onboarded four paying clients with two more in the pipeline within 2 months of joining the program with a projected revenue of $18000.
David Hayes is impressed by Douglas James' dedication to aiding other veterans. He finds James' passion for this cause awe-inspiring.
Josh Hits $10,500 in a Single Month!
Evan replaces his job working crazy hours in retail and earns $25K per month
 Ashton replaces his job working crazy hours in Healthcare and earns $11,000/month with no signs of slowing down!
Garrett onboards 4 clients and hits $11,000/month!
Nabeel scales his own agency to $13,000 per month!
Mattai lands huge $25K solar client early on
James closes a whale clients and earns $50K per month award
Chris's agency grew to doing over $30K per month and is still growing
Victor mastered the academy as a native Spanish speaker and is helping realtors all over the world
Dominique did her first $100K just from marketing after landing 2 whale clients in just 4 months
Johnny, a Marine Veteran, scales business quickly. Now earning over $100K per month
John joined because he felt lost in his career, now making over $25K per month
Luke scaled and is doing over $30K per month
Alex is joined the $50K per month club using what he learned from the training
Shan closed his first client in only 13 days. A month later he made his first $10K deal
Ryan kept at it and 8 months later he was making $10K per month in his new business
Zach scales new agency to over $10K per month
Alan's agency is doing around $6 million per year focusing on niches taught in the Academy
Apostoli closed a $25K deal with an Orthodontist within a few months of being in the Academy
Bill lands first client directly using the training's templates

The VIP Agency is a Done For Service that Builds, Automates and Systematizes a Proven Revenue Ready Digital Agency Business for you. Most of everything is done and set up so you just have to press go and use the digital assets and coaching given to you.

The process is simple, you enroll, you onboard and complete some forms on how you want your business to look, we build out all your digital assets, hand it over to you, coach you on how to use your assets and business, we run traffic to attempt to book you appointments (results vary), you close deals, and if and when you land your first client we will do the fulfillment work for you, thats, basically turn key, we do most of the work, you collect checks. Additionally, participation and follow through on your part is very important for success, our team will do most of the heavy lifting, however, it is your responsibility to take ownership of the business and run it. We will help get things off the ground. For more details, you advisor can help with that.

Total time is approximately 90 days

Approximately 30 days

Yes! Our team of experts will be holding your hand the entire way, like a VIP, and give you coaching and training on how to run and scale this business independently.

Yes of course!

This is like buying a Franchise. It’s fully turn key meaning, money flows in with little effort from you. It’s a fully automated system. Hiring Virtual Assistants, Employees and Commission based Contractors is something that we heavily coach you on in the process, also providing access to those resources, so that you are not a full time operator.

Follow the link below to apply. If your application is successful, you will be allowed to schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor.